Over the course of seven decades, Stephen Gould Corporation has helped set industry standards for packaging practices and design as our corporate reach circled the globe. But despite breathtaking product improvements and sweeping changes in the world economy, our fundamental corporate philosophy remains unchanged.

Simply put, the special needs of each unique client continue to be our first priority.

This ideal, as set forth in 1939 by our founders, Dr. Stephen Gould, David Golden and Leonard Beckerman is the core principle that is most responsible for our success. It is evident in every sophisticated process of our manufacturing and supply chain. It is evident in the record-breaking sales growth we have enjoyed. And it is evident in this new catalogue which details the products and services that we supply clients throughout the industrialized world.

But sales numbers and photographs of state-of-the-art services cannot fully describe the long tradition of business acumen and stability that our family-owned business brings to the companies we serve. I work alongside sales and management professionals whose fathers pioneered standards, practices and business relationships that helped establish our current high standing in the packaging industry. These are the kinds of relationships that forge strong bonds of trust. Frequently, our professionals operate so closely with customers that they seamlessly blend with their staffs and virtually become packaging specialists for client operations.

That is why I am dedicating this catalogue to the clients and loyal employees who remain the heart and soul of our growing company. For generations, a diverse group of customers has selected our talented men and women to provide technologically advanced and ecologically responsible packaging and marketing tools to enhance their product lines. At all levels, our staff has labored passionately to make these materials safe to ship, easy to handle and ideal to market.

Today, these commitments remain stronger than ever as we pursue creative advances in design, engineering and supply that can solve any packaging challenge - from single-carton inventory control to complex packages that can market and protect virtually any product. We proudly present to you this latest generation of Stephen Gould products and services and thank you for the opportunity to continue to satisfy your packaging needs.

Michael Golden