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Aaron Salko

Regional Manager, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, and Cleveland

Our greatest asset at Stephen Gould is our team of individuals and their creative minds. When it comes to turning clients’ ideas into life, the ingenuity of our members is outstanding. The company’s growth is a testament to our people’s ability to bring new and exciting things to the table.

Propelled by Aaron’s leadership, the Design Center in Wexford, near Pittsburgh, has tripled in size, accelerating the process for clients’ evolving needs. He has also led the New Jersey branch to become Stephen Gould’s third highest performer. As Cleveland’s Regional Manager, he is spearheading an influx of young team members and nurturing a culture where new and veteran talent collaborate and prosper. A proven innovative leader and expert at getting to the root of client challenges, Aaron sets the bar for visionary teams working with clients in new ways and delivers results for leading corporations.

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Todd Harmon

Regional Sales Manager

Stephen Gould continues to place the client as a critical focus of our strategies. This drives our decision making to invest in resources that ensure we support our clients’ needs and growth for decades to come.

Todd has been an integral leader over the course of the past 30 years. He has built and led successful teams throughout Texas, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia. His efforts in the development of new talent is among the best in our organization. Deploying industry leading operational efficiencies and lean manufacturing expertise, his teams also have a diverse set of knowledge to successfully operate at both local and global levels. This has led to the development of some of the most innovative supply chain partnerships around the world.

We serve client partners at the highest level with an open, collaborative environment.


Scott Brenner

Sales Manager

I’m excited to help roll out Justin’s vision and build a foundation for the future… I think great companies are able to adapt and evolve to either stay ahead or manage with the changing of time.

Scott began working with Stephen Gould in the New England branch over 23 years ago and has co-managed the Illinois office with Mark Silver since 2002. He thrives on mentoring and provides leadership for a team of 20. He has developed his branch by expanding its product engineering and retail design capabilities, while recruiting young talent from marketplaces like local colleges and universities. Scott enjoys the diversity and complexity that each day brings in Chicago’s “limitless opportunity for stimulating work,” and is excited for new opportunities to collaborate with other branches to deliver strategic solutions for our clients.

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6 Countries,
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Zach Vitas

Sales Manager

When I began at Stephen Gould, I never imagined the vast array of projects we’re accomplishing today, and that openness excites me about what we’ll be doing in the future. We see possibilities and I really believe the opportunities before us are limitless.

A driving force for innovation and growth at the New England branch, Zach has been a proven leader for more than 13 years. Part of a loyal second generation family at Stephen Gould, his management style is marked by an attitude of constant learning and enthusiasm to explore the unknown. He leads teams with passion and an entrepreneurial spirit alongside co-manager, Luke Vitas. The two are leaders in serving clients in the biotech industry, among others, and have increased branch capabilities, improved warehouse operations, and multiplied its business potential.

We support companies at any phase with proven dedication, innovation, and efficiency.

Our people’s commitment and attitude are driving us through our company’s most dynamic evolution.


Corey Salko

Sales Manager

Stephen Gould has empowered us to build our ideal office environment and to create our dream team in the best city in the world. We’re risk takers who work tirelessly to get the job done, in the smartest, most enjoyable way possible.

Corey leads by example with a strong work ethic, complemented by his enthusiastic, personable style. With over 14 years of experience, his creativity and initiative generate a culture where social and business connections strengthen each other. Corey mentors teams to constantly educate themselves on client brands to offer valuable support that naturally increases sales and positive networking relationships. He and Mike Geraci co-lead an energetic and motivated NYC team that in four years has greater than doubled its revenue. Under their leadership, the business is growing exponentially to serve the exciting retail and luxury brands headquartered in Manhattan.


Kathleen Brunetto

Director of Graphic Design, Wexford

The first graphic designer for Stephen Gould’s Pittsburgh territory in 2011 and a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Kat has risen through the ranks to become Director of Design at the Regional Design Center. Her creative vision and keen eye for detail have resulted in captivating packaging and display designs for clients across wide industries. From generating original ideas for startups, to providing extended services for well-established brands, Kat strives for the best outcome no matter the challenge. Her expertise with the latest digital tools, proven ability to streamline processes, and collaborative style of working achieve outstanding results for clients.