Our collaboration with Bigfoot started five years ago with a complex challenge: designing a bespoke packaging solution for a diabetes management device. The initial design was an intricate turned edge box with multiple compartments and a high-end aesthetic, but it wasn’t recyclable. This project not only posed a significant design challenge but also provided an opportunity to push the boundaries of conventional packaging.

The Challenge

The original packaging, while beautifully crafted, posed significant sustainability and usage issues. It was constructed from non-recyclable materials, which conflicted with growing environmental concerns and Bigfoot’s evolving brand ethos. Moreover, the bulky design led to high shipping and storage costs, further exacerbating the environmental footprint and difficulty for patients to open.

The Solution

Stephen Gould revolutionized the packaging design by switching to fully recyclable materials with a strong emphasis on usability. By transitioning to corrugated solutions, we achieved greater sustainability and increased capacity. The new design was meticulously developed through prototypes and produced in partnership with our manufacturing collaborator overseas, ensuring it met every functional requirement while upholding our commitment to environmental responsibility.

The revamped packaging utilized a corrugated box design that could be shipped flat, achieving a reduction in shipping and storage costs by 15-20%. This design not only furthered Bigfoot’s sustainability objectives but also addressed the specific needs of their elderly patient demographic by incorporating easy-to-open mechanisms to aid those with limited hand mobility. The successful adoption of corrugated packaging underscored Bigfoot’s dedication to sustainability and exemplified our ability to respond adaptively to client needs, affirming our enduring commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions.

The Result

From the outset of each project, we meticulously analyze every aspect, including environmental impact, user interaction, contextual relevance, and logistical constraints. Every detail matters—from material selection and cost-effectiveness to production timelines and assembly processes. Our collaboration with Bigfoot underscores the significant value of our expertise, demonstrating that we deliver tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of every client, regardless of size.

By prioritizing our clients’ needs, we consistently uncover key opportunities to elevate each project. For example, recognizing that Bigfoot’s medical device is primarily used by an elderly demographic, we designed the packaging to be easy to handle and open, accommodating users with limited dexterity. This focus on accessibility, combined with our commitment to sustainability, drives our continuous innovation. We are proud to partner with Bigfoot in advancing their sustainable initiatives and supporting their mission to enhance patient care through thoughtful design.

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