We partnered with Petrossian to package, display, ship, and market their world famous caviar and fine food products to the US market.

The Challenge

Petrossian is a renowned, family owned, Paris-based company bringing caviar and luxury fine foods to discerning customers all around the world. With incredible passion, ancestral knowledge, and a dedication to rigorous standards, Petrossian has grown over the past 100 years into a global sensation.

Stephen Gould partnered with Petrossian to address some key needs for Petrossian’s growing US market. As a global company, Petrossian has producers, shippers, and logistics vendors in many places handling many disparate parts. This led to many inefficiencies in shipping and production, particularly as market demands grew.

In addition, as a company that dedicates the utmost care to the creation and curation of bespoke food experiences, Petrossian needed a creative thought partner and producer who could make their product and marketing dreams come to life in a timely and cost-effective way.

The Solution

Our team started by creating a folding carton and set of packaged boxes for Petrossian’s US-based customers. We also were able to consolidate Petrossian’s multiple packaging vendors into 1 streamlined, efficient operation fully managed by Stephen Gould. This process also allowed us to strategically save Petrossian money on shipping costs, as we were able to bundle incoming freight deliveries coming from our producers overseas.

We were dedicated to the details every step of the way. Sales Agent Mathieu Fourneron completed all press checks in person and performed quality control on location. In particular, when the new packaging system required utilizing a new insulation insert, the Petrossian fulfillment warehouse team got confused and panicked when they received pallets of new insulation material of varying sizes. The Stephen Gould team went to the warehouse in person to work on the ground with the fulfillment team. We labeled and marked all the boxes to reorganize the warehouse in order to streamline production and assembly. Fourneron himself was there moving the pallets at the warehouse in order to make it easier to pack orders.

The Result

What began as one packaging project grew into a trusted creative partnership with Petrossian, utilizing almost every capability area Stephen Gould has to offer.

Because the Stephen Gould team went above and beyond with the initial task, New York City-based Fourneron forged a strong and trusted relationship with company president Alexandre Petrossian. Since then Petrossian has worked directly with Fourneron, dreaming up ideas to make a custom umbrella and lacquered gift box for customers. Fourneron and his team were able to continue to wow Petrossian with their ingenuity and efficiency.

Petrossian had never previously produced a wooden gift box like this, yet had a specific vision for what it would look and feel like. In the end, Stephen Gould was effectively the one and only vendor who was able to source the lacquered wood, create an incredibly high-quality design, and produce the gift boxes at a competitive price point.

This is a standout example of how broad Stephen Gould’s capabilities can be to meet a customer’s needs. By touching every part of the process, Stephen Gould has become a trusted partner to Petrossian, and continues to produce, design, and advise for the company’s leaders. This relationship has allowed us to produce some incredibly special pieces, such as a one-of-a-kind caviar tray for a tasting experience. We continue to produce and deliver high-volume orders and experiment with all types of materials. It is truly a creative partnership where we bring magical ideas to life.

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