Initially tasked with helping Stojo fix some engineering and production issues, Stephen Gould went from producing a sustainable collapsible coffee cup to becoming an integral partner fully embedded into the Stojo ecosystem.

The Challenge

Working directly with Stojo’s owner, our team built trust by committing fully to the vision of the company. Stephen Gould was first tasked with making Stojo’s collapsible cups — made of a mix of silicone and polypropylene — as leak-free as possible. Through adjusting engineering on the current cup design and offering recommendations to update the overall design and aesthetic, we leveled up the overall product experience. Along with the newly leakproof cups, the team also developed packaging and shipping boxes to meet the company’s standards for sustainability. From there, we were entrusted with product extensions, more design updates to products and packaging, and eventually even fulfillment and inventory management for both ecommerce and retail. In realizing the ways Stephen Gould had the capability to scale up quickly alongside Stojo’s expansion and growth, Stojo’s owner came to regard us as an invaluable and trusted partner who could keep up with his high standards and blue sky dreams.

The Solution

Not only did we successfully design, produce, and package leak-proof cups, the team also began to oversee the manufacturing and production of 90% of Stojo products. Sales agents Jesse Dixon and Rich Bradley flew to China on separate occasions to go to the factory and ensure quality. Through a successful working partnership with Stephen Gould, Stojo has shifted a lot of the activity towards our factories. We have been able to prove that our factories are safe, use the best materials, and have real value and integrity when it comes to business practices and pricing. We also continue to evolve products and packaging so that Stojo always stays true to its mission. The work and innovation never stops; for example, our raw material supplier collects ocean plastics and turns it into resin that is currently being tested now. This same ingenuity also helped to make Stojo’s packaging system 100% recyclable. With Stephen Gould’s help, the company completely eliminated laminated film in their packaging.

The Result

Stephen Gould started with a cup, and has since grown the partnership with Stojo to a full 360° solution service. This is truly a working relationship powered by mutual trust and a commitment to making the world better through sustainable products and packaging. The partnership to produce products that can be continually reused is a great example of our ability to take sustainable ideas, produce them, then continue to evolve to make sure they are even more sustainable for the future.

“Stephen Gould has been an incredible partner to Stojo the past five years and contributes directly to our success. We collaborate with them to design, develop and manufacture our products. They execute consistently at an incredibly high level. Their expertise, professionalism, teamwork and all around attitude are things we can depend on. Even when the going got tough during the pandemic, they were there.”

Jurrien Swarts, Co-Founder & CEO

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