The Benefits of Glass Packaging

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by Stephen Gould
December 22, 2021

Stephen Gould offers glass bottles, jars, and tubes for a range of product needs. Leverage our deep expertise in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical/nutraceutical sectors to develop a custom solution for your business.

Glass containers are primarily used for packaging food, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Glass offers a number of advantages, particularly in comparison to plastic. The smooth texture and non-porous attributes of glass make it ideal for retaining flavor, scent, and carbonation. While plastics can alter the taste of liquids when packaging is exposed to high temperatures, glass maintains the product’s integrity. Companies that need to store liquids for long periods of time choose glass for these reasons.

Glass can also be used to create a unique, high-end product presentation. The weight and hand feel of glass can signify a greater level of care and craftsmanship in producing a product. Glass also has a visual appeal that plastic packaging can’t replicate. Stephen Gould provides a wide range of glass bottles, jars, and tubes that can be tailored to your packaging needs.

Why Choose Glass Products?

Glass offers a number of benefits. Not only is glass sustainable, but it’s also infinitely recyclable, reusable, and refillable for later use. Glass is safe to store food and beverages in and consumers tend to prefer glass over plastic. Here are a few additional benefits to using glass for packaging:

Glass is Convenient

Glass packaging can address the following consumer needs:

  • Microwavable

    Many glass jars offer microwavable convenience in which there is no need to transfer the product to another container or have concerns with plastic leaching contaminants into the food as it’s heated.

  • Reusable

    Unlike cans, glass is easy to reseal, saving the consumer from using another container after opening. Unlike plastic bags, which only work a few times, glass containers can be reused an infinite amount of times for different products.

Glass is Customizable

Glass is a flexible and customizable packaging solution that has an appeal across all demographics. Today’s consumers seek out personal and customized brand experiences and are willing to pay for products that provide self-expression. Glass packaging is versatile in that it can be shaped, etched, enameled, colored, and decorated in a variety of ways in order to appeal to the target consumer.

Glass is Recyclable

More often than not, plastic packaging immediately gets discarded once it’s been used. With some basic cleaning, glass packaging can safely be reused in a variety of ways. Some businesses even implement bottle return programs and offer rewards to customers who use them. Additionally, the recycling process for glass is a closed-looped system, which removes additional waste or by-products. Glass can be recycled over and over again without any loss of quality.

Glass is Ideal for Food and Beverages

Glass is the only widely-used food packaging to receive the FDA’s highest standard: GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). Glass containers are perfect for food and beverages because they do not alter the taste, odor, or composition of products. They also serve as an excellent barrier against any external contaminants and are an ideal packaging material for withstanding high temperatures. Some common scenarios in which glass packaging is used include:

  • Dips and sauces

    Manufacturers often need to package these products while they are at a high temperatures in order to sterilize the container and its contents. Glass makes this possible and also cuts an extra step out of the manufacturing process.

  • Sugary products

    Products like honey and syrup that require a moisture barrier are best served by glass.

  • Light-sensitive products

    Glass packaging comes in a variety of different colors to protect light-sensitive contents, prolonging their shelf life and maintaining product quality.

  • Carbonated products

    Glass packaging sustains carbonation for much longer periods of time when compared to plastic packaging.

Custom Glass Packaging with Stephen Gould

Stephen Gould offers glass bottles, jars, and tubes for many different product needs. Our expertise in foods, beverages, and pharmaceutical/nutraceuticals can help you customize product packaging that fit the needs of your brand. Contact us today to learn more about our glass packaging services.