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Meet members of our extraordinary team. For more than 75 years we’ve been putting relationships above all else. Learn more about our culture and how we build trust.


Rick DeVincent

Sales Manager, Austin, Dallas, and Houston

When we connect with clients, we develop a relationship. We are experts at finding their pain points and solving them. Our team is willing to become specialists in whatever is needed, even in areas we hadn’t explored before.

When Rick began with Stephen Gould, the “bread and butter” of the business was industrial packaging; 27 years into his career, the journey has taken surprising turns into places he couldn’t have imagined. Creative partnerships with clients from airlines to vinyl records, and computers to cosmetics, have made for a dynamic and enriching life. He leads by example, seizing opportunities that unfold through deepening relationships and hard-working dedication. Co-manager of the Dallas branch with Todd Harmon, Rick is bringing the same passion and expertise to drive Stephen Gould’s services to the marketplace in Austin.


Todd Harmon

Regional Sales Manager

Stephen Gould continues to place the client as a critical focus of our strategies. This drives our decision making to invest in resources that ensure we support our clients’ needs and growth for decades to come.

Todd has been an integral leader over the course of the past 30 years. He has built and led successful teams throughout Texas, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia. His efforts in the development of new talent is among the best in our organization. Deploying industry leading operational efficiencies and lean manufacturing expertise, his teams also have a diverse set of knowledge to successfully operate at both local and global levels. This has led to the development of some of the most innovative supply chain partnerships around the world.

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