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Meet members of our extraordinary team. For more than 75 years we’ve been putting relationships above all else. Learn more about our culture and how we build trust.


Scott Brenner

Sales Manager

I’m excited to help roll out Justin’s vision and build a foundation for the future… I think great companies are able to adapt and evolve to either stay ahead or manage with the changing of time.

Scott began working with Stephen Gould in the New England branch over 23 years ago and has co-managed the Illinois office with Mark Silver since 2002. He thrives on mentoring and provides leadership for a team of 20. He has developed his branch by expanding its product engineering and retail design capabilities, while recruiting young talent from marketplaces like local colleges and universities. Scott enjoys the diversity and complexity that each day brings in Chicago’s “limitless opportunity for stimulating work,” and is excited for new opportunities to collaborate with other branches to deliver strategic solutions for our clients.


Mark Silver

Sales Manager

There is no other company that would have allowed me to thrive and develop the way that I have here… Stephen Gould fosters an environment for each unique individual to thrive and become great at what he or she does. My hope is to contribute to that excellence.

With a Stephen Gould track record that reaches back more than 36 years, Mark continues to be excited by the company’s more recent initiatives and investments in both people and systems. His leadership in developing individuals and teams, alongside Scott Brenner, provides guidance and direction for the entire territory of Chicago. Mark impresses upon clients that his team is dedicated to achieving their goals, working tirelessly to create the best solution. He’s proud of the longevity Stephen Gould has with its clients, pointing to the stability and reliability the company is able to provide partners for decades to come.

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