We’ve built trusted partnerships with some of the world’s largest producers of luxury goods. Our New York team creates point-of-purchase displays for luxury beauty, fragrances, cosmetics, and wine and spirits, elevating the in-store experience with expert sourcing, craftsmanship, and design.

The Challenge

Luxury brands with an international profile often rely on regional partners to adapt their brand experience to fit the nuances of different markets. Beauty and fragrance products can be particularly complex given the differences in the point-of-purchase environment.

For example, European retailers typically don’t separate men’s and women’s products, while in North America the opposite is the case. Size and space considerations also vary by region. Product marketing assets like counter displays need to accommodate regional specificities while maintaining the material quality, aesthetic refinement, and attention to detail expected from a luxury brand.

Our New York office works closely with luxury goods companies to navigate these complexities and translate brand stories into point-of-purchase displays that work for North American retailers like Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.

The Solution

The initial concept for a new cosmetic or fragrance comes out of the partnership between the manufacturer and the fashion house. The manufacturer and house collaborate on a creative direction with storyboards and imagery that include concepts for point-of-purchase displays. Our task is to bring those concepts to life.

Our New York team leads the design process, incorporating client feedback over multiple rounds of sketches and renderings. Our rapid prototyping capabilities allow us to create samples and test them prior to production. Clients rely on our structural design expertise to ensure the finalized design is manufacturable and feasible for retailers.

Luxury displays require premium materials from high-end suppliers, such as particular types of Italian leather or German paper. Locating sustainable materials is also a key consideration for our luxury brand clients. If necessary, we will substitute materials from the original concept to make a counter display work for the North American market. A display made of solid metal in other parts of the world would need to be reproduced with aluminum in the U.S. so that it’s light enough to rest on a retailer’s glass countertops.

The New York team also oversees all aspects of production and delivery. Depending on timing needs, they can drop ship directly to stores. Team members visit stores in person, fielding questions and making sure displays are properly installed. From design to roll out, Stephen Gould tailors full turn-key solutions for our luxury brand clients.

The Result

Our success in this space is a result of our people’s commitment to quality, consistency, and attention to detail across the board, from project management and structural design, to production and distribution. The New York team understands what it takes to immerse themselves in a brand’s visual language and translate it into materials and craftsmanship worthy of the world’s most coveted luxury brands.

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