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Our Story

Formed by an entrepreneurial spirit that values relationships above all, we’re proud to carry on a family legacy, dynamic for our times.

The Stephen Gould Family

We are proud to be family-owned and to employ multiple generations of entrepreneurial families.

Anything is Possible

During the Great Depression, brothers David and Stanley Golden were struggling to survive, as were most Americans. Their mother passed away while both were very young, which required their father to take on multiple jobs while the boys raised themselves amid the streets of New York City. They learned to rely on one another and to appreciate the value of relationships built on trust. In their late teens, they enrolled in the government’s New Deal programs which sent them all over the country to assist with infrastructure projects, gain a hard-work ethic and a sense of success that included others.

Do the right thing

When David began his first “real job” in the packaging industry and quickly discovered that his employer was cheating his customers — he immediately quit. With a belief that he could provide better service and build a prosperous business with integrity and trust, David partnered with his brother Stanley and Leonard Beckerman in 1939 to open their first packaging supply shop on the lower east side of Manhattan.

Faith & Resolve

For the three founders, growing their business was no easy task. Battling all of the challenges a startup faces and testing the conviction of their beliefs, our founders navigated through volatile, tumultuous times, including World War II and the Korean War. Uncompromising in their vision, this first generation of Stephen Gould pioneered an innovative business model — one that remains intact over 75 years later.

An Opportunity to Thrive

The second generation, led by Michael and John Golden, embodies the founders’ values: do what’s right, treat everyone like family and achieve success by empowering others. Their collective entrepreneurial spirit soon attracted like-minded, ambitious people who valued relationships first and foremost. Focused on expanding our platform and encouraging people to flourish, the leadership since the 1970s enabled our explosive financial growth, our global expansion, and most importantly, the cultivation of our team of leaders at Stephen Gould today.

Embrace & Innovate

The third generation grew up working in every aspect of the business, from sales to finance to operations, passionately carrying on our heritage. “Our unique culture has set us apart and kept us thriving. In our history, we’ve never made an acquisition. The tremendous growth we’ve enjoyed is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our people,” says Justin Golden, President of Stephen Gould. “We take our responsibility seriously — like our previous leaders, we are driven to innovate and succeed.”

Stephen Gould continues to invest in new technologies, new talent and the development of our people — all of which enables us to improve the way we interact with and deliver value to our clients. We’re three generations strong, remaining boldly invested in people, and empowering ideas that transform lives.

Within Reach

See how with Stephen Gould,
everything is within reach.

5 Principles

We continue to lead the industry by staying true to our principles. Our people, our relationships and our commitments are at the core of everything we do.

  1. People First

    Behind every great product is a team of dedicated people. Stephen Gould exists for them. We are here to make their lives better.

  2. Attitude Matters

    How we deliver is just as important as what we deliver. Seeing the opportunity in every challenge, we are relentless in our commitment to each client.

  3. Deepen Trust With Every Engagement

    We recognize that our services can make or break whether a product makes it to market. We don’t take that responsibility lightly.

  4. Consistent and Flexible

    Designing, finalizing and shipping products is wrought with complexities and emotions. We offer solutions that are flexible, adaptive and empathetic to our clients’ fluctuating circumstances.

  5. Leverage Our Vast Network and Experience

    We straddle various sectors operating in both mature markets, and rapidly changing and evolving markets. We see this complexity as an opportunity to pioneer change.

Strength & Stability

Reliability at your service.

Clients choose Stephen Gould because we offer the assurance of a rock solid partner who has been, and will be, there for them. With revenues that have increasingly grown to 670 million over our more than 75-year history, we offer the financial stability and depth of expertise you can depend upon.

Realizing an idea and bringing it to market is a complex process and timing is critical. There are 100 steps from product concept to product launch. Stephen Gould can manage 99 of them for you. Our proven record exceeds 150K products, spanning every sector imaginable. Discover how we can put our strength to work for you.

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