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Meet members of our extraordinary team. For more than 75 years we’ve been putting relationships above all else. Learn more about our culture and how we build trust.


Kathleen Brunetto

Director of Graphic Design, Wexford

The first graphic designer for Stephen Gould’s Pittsburgh territory in 2011 and a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Kat has risen through the ranks to become Director of Design at the Regional Design Center. Her creative vision and keen eye for detail have resulted in captivating packaging and display designs for clients across wide industries. From generating original ideas for startups, to providing extended services for well-established brands, Kat strives for the best outcome no matter the challenge. Her expertise with the latest digital tools, proven ability to streamline processes, and collaborative style of working achieve outstanding results for clients.

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Nathan Gregg

Graphic and Web Designer, Wexford

Nathan joined Stephen Gould in 2016 with many years of experience as a creative design professional achieving visual work for print, web, and multimedia realms. His creativity and skill span traditional hand-drawing to digital illustration, and developing responsive website design for large and small companies. A national scholarship winner who graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Nathan’s illustrations were awarded inclusion in the annual art show juried by The Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators. His passion for design and proven track record for bringing ideas to fruition strengthen and enhance our array of creative services.

We serve client partners at the highest level with an open, collaborative environment.


Brad Cain

Industrial Designer, Wexford

Brad joined Stephen Gould in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and training in product design that focused on the interaction between the object and the user. His studies both at North Carolina State University and abroad in Prague, afforded him a deeper understanding and practice of design as a universal language. Brad enjoys applying his skills of sketching, rendering, creating models, and developing prototypes to deliver for our clients’ wide-ranging needs and global reach.

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Mike Harter

Industrial Designer, Wexford

Mike has focused his career for the last 14 years on large format point-of-purchase (POP) display design. A graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Mike joined Stephen Gould in 2017 to provide expertise in support of the company’s expanded growth. He is well versed in concept creation, visualization, and prototype production, possessing deep experience in creating temporary to permanent displays, as well as primary and protective packaging. Mike’s love of design and study of retail science and consumer behavior translate into effective assets for our varied clients.

We support companies at any phase with proven dedication, innovation, and efficiency.

Our people’s commitment and attitude are driving us through our company’s most dynamic evolution.


Rick DeVincent

Sales Manager, Austin, Dallas, and Houston

When we connect with clients, we develop a relationship. We are experts at finding their pain points and solving them. Our team is willing to become specialists in whatever is needed, even in areas we hadn’t explored before.

When Rick began with Stephen Gould, the “bread and butter” of the business was industrial packaging; 27 years into his career, the journey has taken surprising turns into places he couldn’t have imagined. Creative partnerships with clients from airlines to vinyl records, and computers to cosmetics, have made for a dynamic and enriching life. He leads by example, seizing opportunities that unfold through deepening relationships and hard-working dedication. Co-manager of the Dallas branch with Todd Harmon, Rick is bringing the same passion and expertise to drive Stephen Gould’s services to the marketplace in Austin.


Ted Vitas

Regional Sales Manager

There is a foundation at Stephen Gould that ‘people come first.’ That is our culture and one that I thrive on. In this environment there is respect, understanding and strong appreciation for the entrepreneurial spirit and independent thinker.

Ted has led both the New England and Illinois regions for over 40 years. He resonates with the family culture rooted in Stephen Gould’s history. “It allows us, as leaders, to perpetuate that warmth with our own thumbprint on it.” Ted’s passion has developed a tremendously talented group that emphasizes a strong team atmosphere. Over several years, he has successfully prepared his son, Luke, and nephew, Zach, for leadership roles in the New England office which provides further support for our clients and team, and ensures our core values are lived out by the next generation of leaders.

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