Utilizing Point-of-Purchase Displays to Advance Product Marketing

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by Stephen Gould
April 20, 2021

How a product is presented to potential purchasers can be as important as the physical design and utilization of the product itself. At Stephen Gould, we can help your business market your products from the start of the design phase to product placement on a retailer’s shelves.

We make and produce point-of-purchase (POP) displays to boost your product’s marketing through consumer interactions with products in a retail store.

What Is a Point-of-Purchase Display?

A point-of-purchase, or POP, display exists separately from standard aisles in a store, ideally catching the eye of a potential consumer and creating a lasting impression in their minds. Often, these displays appear in the middle of larger store aisles instead of within individual smaller aisles.

Ultimately, business’ display point of purchase stands as a means of marketing a product. By removing an individual item, or group of a company’s items, from the regular placement in an aisle, the odds that a consumer will purchase that single product dramatically increase. In the end, using these POPs is all a great way to boost sales using floor space that already exists.

POP displays can come in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. At Stephen Gould, we design our free standing displays based on your individual products and needs and the dynamics of the retailers in which they will be displayed. We can creatively organize your POP designs based on a given promotion, season, holiday, or any other part of a business or product you would like to call out.

Guidelines for Implementing Point-of-Purchase Displays

Getting the most out of a POP display requires the consideration of a handful of factors. Why are you choosing to implement a POP display? Who is the target audience? Where will this display be located?

The intent of a POP should always be to highlight a product to a potential customer. Often, this is accomplished by communicating a promotion to a customer using a custom-made POP design. Understanding your target audience is also critical. This will help determine what kind of a store to send the POP displays to, and where they should be set up within a store.

Additionally, it’s critical to make sure you know where within a store the display will be located. To build the perfect POP, it’s essential to know how much space it can take up not to obstruct shopping flow. However, you don’t want the display to be too small and get lost in the shuffle–remember, this is also freeing up shelf space elsewhere in the store.

Effectively designing and implementing a POP display can help boost your business’ revenue and raise awareness of products. POP displays should utilize clear, short, and succinct messages, follow the brand design, utilize bold and eye-catching graphics, and tell a story. For more on POP development, contact your regional Stephen Gould representatives.

Let Stephen Gould Help Your Business Incorporate POP Displays

Point-of-Purchase displays are a fantastic addition to your retail product marketing. When created and designed effectively, a display POP catches the customer’s eye, allowing the display to move product much more efficiently than if they were on shelves. This ultimately results in the POP display creating more revenue for a business.

At Stephen Gould, our POP displays make sure to grab the attention of potential, curious customers, ultimately bringing new clients to your business. We make and implement point-of-purchase displays to accomplish your brand’s distinct advertising needs. Contact us today for additional point-of-purchase display information on our point-of-purchase services.