Retail Packaging Solutions with Stephen Gould

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by Stephen Gould
June 3, 2021

Retail packaging can be an arduous, stressful process. With Stephen Gould, we bring everything under one roof to maximize efficiencies and provide your business with the packaging care it deserves.

From selecting proper material and design to production and logistics, industry experts at Stephen Gould can seamlessly handle the entire retail packaging process.

We streamline and manage the design, production, and distribution of your packaging needs in a manner that will emphasize your brand through visually appealing packaging, save you time and improve cost-efficiency for physical retailers, online businesses, global corporations, and more.

Understanding Retail Packaging

Packaging is often a customer’s first impression of a product. Packaging presents an opportunity to capture a potential customer’s attention, raise brand awareness, tell a story, and stand out from competitors.

A great package combines eye-popping visual design elements (logo, colors, typography, etc.), packaging supplies, and brand messaging elements like taglines and product descriptions. These descriptions can be critical, as they must be short and to the point to catch the customer’s attention quickly and effectively.

Ideally, creative package design will draw eyes to the package itself, raising sales. Think about the last time you were grocery shopping. The cereal aisle may have been overwhelming at times. Thus, you the consumer naturally deferred to a product packaged in an eye-catching way.

How one picks a product off a shelf is often an unconscious decision. As such, eye-popping product packages are often the difference between which products a potential buyer selects.

In a retail setting, the design and aesthetic of the package itself, the shelf appearance, and how it opens, often referred to as the ‘unboxing experience,’ has also become a crucial part of creating compelling packaging.

Packaging can be essential to businesses that use e-commerce, especially ones that operate only online, as the product package is the customer’s first physical interaction with the brand. Frequently, YouTube can even help these brand experiences, as those unpackaging’s can happen live or later posted online.

Is Retail Packaging with Stephen Gould Right for Me?

At Stephen Gould, our goal is to optimize the customer experience through high-quality packaging. Whether sending a product to a grocery store or a large electronics retailer, we can design and create packaging solutions to fit the specific needs of your products.

Our team has decades of experience in strategically designing, sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing packaging for a variety of businesses. We understand that every product has a different story to tell, so we make sure to create packaging that brings a company’s vision to life and connect with their audience.

Stephen Gould has perfected the art of designing and producing packages for retail products. Our state-of-the-art technology and experience allow us to make boxes, bags, bottles, and any other type of package that your business and customers will love.

Our experts work with businesses across dozens of industries. We’re prepared to help you choose the right packaging solution to meet your specific needs in every application and budget.

Our team has built relationships with many of the best in packaging solutions across the industry. Our global supply chain integrates the best use of customer service, packaging supplies, and technology to create efficient production processes and meet specific requirements for any project.

Contact us today to learn more about how our packaging solutions can help your company excel.