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by Stephen Gould
June 7, 2022
Illustration of The Gateway Arch in St. Loius.
By Stephen Gould
June 7, 2022

Located approximately 30 minutes from downtown St. Louis, our St. Charles branch is a rapidly growing facility that serves clients across the state of Missouri. With specialties in foam supply, caps and bottles, St. Charles has created custom solutions for many well-known companies across a variety of industries including quick-service dining, commercial construction equipment, health, wellness, and lifestyle products. With a hands-on, innovative approach to business and new on-site fulfillment capabilities, our St. Charles location is quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for its clients. Don’t delay—reach out to the St. Charles team today for your business needs!

  • Mike Petrosino

    West Gate 200
    Fountain Lakes Commerce Center
    3817-3833 Millstone Parkway
    St. Charles, Missouri 63301
    +1 636 724 4747