Sustainable Packaging Can Transform Your Business Packaging Solutions

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by Stephen Gould
June 22, 2021

Consumers today are increasingly intelligent about what they’re buying. For many, that education includes the product itself and the impact the product has on their local community and global communities.

Many customers are increasingly prioritizing eco friendly products and sustainable packaging in their purchasing decisions. In fact, over half of US consumers say they are concerned about the general environmental impact of packaging.

At Stephen Gould, we are at the forefront of developing sustainable packaging solutions. We leverage eco friendly materials like molded pulp, paper, cardboard, hemp, and sugarcane in our packaging, to help clients achieve their goals and reduce their environmental impact while also reducing our carbon footprint along the way.

Many companies don’t understand how to make environmentally friendly purchasing and packaging decisions. Even small, environmentally conscious business practices can make a huge difference. At Stephen Gould, we believe in using packaging that has less impact on the environment while increasing a business’ efficiency and cost savings.

Improved sustainability practices lead to an extensive range of benefits and is a quick way to begin making eco friendly decisions is in the packaging of your products. From using returnable materials, or those with less of an environmental impact, Stephen Gould can help your business make more sustainable packaging decisions.

What Exactly Is Sustainable Packaging Design?

Simply put, sustainable packaging is utilizing packaging materials that are better for the environment and create less waste than single-use solutions.

Sustainable packaging options can be recycled, reused, or composted. Numerous examples of sustainable packaging materials exist, including flexible plastics, paper, metal, cardboard, and others.

Benefits to Utilizing Sustainable Packaging

The benefits of green packaging can reduce a business’ carbon footprint, create more space in shipping and warehousing, provide a non-toxic solution, and potentially even save money.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Sustainable Packaging

The carbon footprint of a business is simply the amount of carbon dioxide and other carbon- containing compounds emitted due to the consumption of fossil fuels. By reducing the amount of packaging or the type of packaging used, a business can drastically reduce its CO2 almost instantly.

Multiple ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging process exist. Using green materials certainly helps, as well as using lighter materials. Lighter packaging materials require less energy to ship, also reducing the carbon footprint.

Get More Storage And More Space With Sustainable Packaging

Using less packaging is a critical component of shifting to a more sustainable packaging process. In the process, you will notice a shift to smaller or lighter packaging, thus freeing up space.

More sustainable packaging solutions will free up space in a business’ warehouses, shipping trucks, and retailer shelving space, allowing for more storage space and the shipment of more goods at once, cutting down long-term costs.

Sustainable Packaging Is a Non-Toxic Solution

Biodegradable packaging materials are a non-toxic, allergen-free sustainable packaging solution. While biodegradable packaging options are abundant, they are becoming more affordable and easier to utilize.

Well-educated customers are aware of the harm that some packaging solutions can have on their environment and well-being. Some customers will shy away from toxic packaging and actively make purchasing decisions based on eco friendly options.

Sustainable solutions, such as bio-plastic, may be the perfect option for your business’ packaging decisions.

Sustainable Packaging Can Increase Long Term Profits

According to a recent McKinsey report, consumer purchasing behaviors regarding sustainable packaging have changed significantly over the past decade, and more recently after the COVID- 19 pandemic. Consumers are now more sensitive to hygiene and food safety and online ordering is at an all-time high. More and more, consumers are showing an increased preference for sustainable packaging materials. Shifting to focus more on sustainability can help expand your market to new customers, raising your sales.

Additionally, eco friendly products that are packaged in lightweight material may save money on shipping costs. Now, using lightweight and smaller packages, more products can fit into the same shipment. Additionally, less costs can be used in returns by using reusable packaging, again saving your business money.

Let Stephen Gould Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Sustainable Packaging

At Stephen Gould, we understand that shifting to a sustainable packaging solution is a lengthy decision and might not happen overnight. However, shifting to a sustainable option comes with many positive outcomes for businesses.

We will help your business design and implement a plan to switch sustainable packaging over a few years, thus improving your supply chain and other processes. By making this shift to an eco-friendlier solution, you will reduce your carbon footprint, expand into new markets, and increase sales.

Your customers are prioritizing environmentally friendly packaging materials. At Stephen Gould, we’ve been at the forefront of developing sustainable packaging and bio based solutions for businesses of all sizes and across multiple industries. Contact us today to discover how sustainable packaging can work for your business.

Source: McKinsey & Company