Our client partners with the world’s most leading technology companies to simplify the customer experience of trading in old computers, phones, tablets and wearables in bulk. Our client’s platform and services connect sellers with qualified buyers, extending the life cycle of devices and creating more value for all parties involved. Their goal is to be the standard for transparency and trustworthiness in the trade-in industry. To succeed in such a logistically complex business, they needed a seasoned 3PL partner who could make an impact in everything from packaging to kitting to data security. They needed a Swiss Army knife. That’s what Stephen Gould provided for them.

The Challenge

Our client initially approached our Duluth, Georgia team for assistance with their online trade-in program. They had won a contract with one of the world’s largest technology companies. The ask was not only for packaging production, but also to handle reverse logistics, from collecting orders for kits all the way through shipping, receiving, processing, and reselling devices.

We designed and produced the primary packaging for the kits that allowed people to pack up their old smartwatches, phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers and ship it back to be traded in. Our Duluth facility shipped and received thousands of kits every day. We also integrated our in-house Stephen Gould Express Mail System (EMS) system into our customer’s backend to give them visibility into all shipping tracking data.

Then, our client’s customer decided to take trade-in kit shipping in-house. They decided to adjust their service offerings and pivot into data security. Stephen Gould was there to help them make this move.

The Solution

When a device is resold, the law requires that a previous user’s data and history must be completely and securely wiped before the device is restored to factory settings. Promising full data privacy and security is essential of our customer’s business.

Stephen Gould became one of two 3PLs handling data erasure for our client. Our Duluth team developed a robust data erasure process that ensures people’s private photos, emails, passwords, and information will never make it to the open market. We process around 400 devices per day, erasing data, wiping the device, and placing it in an inventory system. Wiped devices are placed on our client’s open marketplace where customers can place bids on them. Upon purchase, our team picks, packs, and ships the devices directly to the winning bidder.

To ensure the highest standard of security to meet our client’s needs, we made significant adjustments to our Duluth facility. The building was locked down and cameras and metal detectors were installed. The entire building now requires secure keycard access at every entrance point, and areas where devices are housed are caged off. We’ve taken all measures necessary to ensure the utmost data security and safety from potential device theft. We take pride in not only to protecting the privacy of individuals but also in protecting our client from potential liability.

The Result

Our client has taken to calling us their Swiss Army knife due to our versatility and ingenuity over the years. Our partnership with them has made it possible for them to expand, innovate, and exceed goals. The data erasure and security service that we provide for them has become the most profitable part of their business. We’ve helped them significantly reduce the amount of devices that previously would have been written off as a loss due to the inability to fully erase them. As a result, our client is reselling more devices than ever before.

After COVID-19 hit, our client decided to go fully remote. Our Duluth facility has essentially become a satellite office for them, with a dedicated section for their team members to work onsite. We’ve also become their go-to partner for testing and developing proprietary software and continuously improving their data erasure capability. Stephen Gould is proud to do the hard work behind the scenes that helps our client continue to innovate and bring new solutions to life.

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