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Safelylock is a brand created by Stephen Gould team members that develops fully customizable, child-resistant, sustainable cannabis packaging. Starting from a single application, Safelylock has grown into a suite of innovative products that deliver a much-needed solution in a rapidly growing market.

The Challenge

With the legalization and growth of the cannabis industry in many states, a number of cannabis brands began to reach out to Stephen Gould’s New England team with a specific packaging challenge. Many of the child-resistant packaging solutions on the market proved extremely difficult to open for adults living with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and similar ailments. There was a glaring need for cannabis packaging that was child-resistant but still easy to open for adults treating low grip strength and hand or wrist pain with medicinal cannabis.

Inspired to address this pain point, our New England team soon realized they were uniquely positioned to develop innovative approaches that leveraged Stephen Gould’s packaging, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities. The result was a new brand created in-house at Stephen Gould: Safelylock.

The Solution

The first Safelylock product was the Surelock container, which is designed to be opened and closed with one hand. The Surelock is a small round container with a locking top that is released by squeezing the sides at the raised points, allowing the tabs on the lid to slide across the ridge on the base. The raised points are labeled “PUSH” for clarity. Surelock’s best feature is its wide mouth that allows users to grab an edible or pill without having to pour them out of the container. During testing, all 50 senior adults were able to open Surelock, making it Child Resistant Certified by ISO standards.

Surelock was a great solution for cannabis flower and edibles. Soon, our team also began to develop child-resistant packaging for other cannabis products like pre-rolls, mints, and vape pens and cartridges. Thanks to our expansive in-house capabilities and our network of supply chain partners, we were able to develop a set of packaging products that offered a higher level of customization than other options on the market. For example, we offer customized inserts for our Stephen Gould patented Mint and Pre-Roll Tin. We also offer unlimited printing and color options that allow clients to customize the package to fit their brand identity.

In the process of developing these products, we made a conscious decision to design sustainable packaging that was both affordable and high quality. Many of our packages are entirely plastic free and designed for reusability, like our Stand Up Tin, which has a secure, yet intuitive to open flip cap that keeps products protected and accessible while on-to-go. The Ultra Tube, a package for vape pens and cartridges, and the all-paper Ditti Box, both contain plant-based compostable plastic buttons that make the packaging child-resistant and strong enough to withstand repeated use.

With customization, sustainability, and a premium look and feel as clear points of differentiation, all of these child-resistant packaging solutions were brought together under a stand-alone brand: Safelylock.

The Result

The Safelylock team works closely with Stephen Gould agents across the country, securing new accounts and developing new products for a range of use cases. Because Safelylock is backed by Stephen Gould’s manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, customers have immediate access to high quality, custom solutions beyond the standard product line. Thanks to this relationship, Safelylock has been awarded several patents and developed a reputation as child resistant packaging experts. But the most important thing about this arrangement is it allows Safelylock to go above and beyond for customers, turning what used to be a frustrating daily experience into a snap.

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