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Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

Sacramento, CA
Tangible Play, Inc.

A challenge inspires ingenious solutions — and that is what Stephen Gould was able to provide for startup Osmo. Their idea of bringing digital games into a hands-on experience for children possessed the technical know-how and design concept, but needed the design for manufacturing, production and logistics to successfully marry with Apple’s iPad and beyond.

Osmo’s idea was a simple, beautiful one: bring kids’ on-screen gaming into the tactile world of hands-on play. The company’s founders, Pramod Sharma and Jerome Scholler, had already achieved the crowdfunding needed for their iPad-based game system. Manufacturing real parts and play pieces to match the design level desired and the scale of iPad users worldwide, however, was a daunting prospect for a startup with few resources at its disposal. A great deal was at stake for the innovators now that they had the investors.

Enter Mark Taylor, Stephen Gould Sacramento Sales Manager, who recognized a great fit for Osmo’s critical needs and the depth of Stephen Gould’s expertise: specifically its design engineering services, manufacturing capabilities, quality inspections across Asia and predictable production process.

From the ground up, Stephen Gould collaborated on the design and manufacturing of the Osmo product and its essential components: the iPad base, mirror and game pieces for its initial games — Words & Tangram. Building on the relationship, Stephen Gould demonstrated that we understood Osmo’s long-term needs, providing the capability to scale production and offer cost savings and flexibility to support a variety of solutions over time. “They would give us a roadmap, and we would build that experience,” recalls Taylor, referring to the iterative design, engineering process and refined prototyping built into Stephen Gould’s process. “This is a design locally, represent locally, deploy globally story.”

The value Stephen Gould brings us is not just being a manufacturing partner, but really an end-to-end solution provider.

Srikanth Rajagopalan, Chief Operating Officer, Osmo

For startups with big ideas, like Osmo, Stephen Gould provides the infrastructure to transform those ideas into actual, scalable products. “In working with Stephen Gould we gained a capable team of people who really understand how to feasibly build our ideas, scale them, and take our products to the next level. I feel like that collaborative attitude is very productive for us,” comments Srikanth Rajagopalan, Chief Operating Officer at Osmo. “They take care of everything from building the product to getting it shipped out, working closely with our Operations Director to keep us knowledgeable about what’s happening on the ground, overseas, and evaluating new situations as the complexity of our materials evolve.” Rajagopalan adds, “The value Stephen Gould brings us is not just being a manufacturing partner, but really an end to end solution provider.”

Since working together in late 2014, Stephen Gould has proved to be a trusted and invaluable partner for Osmo, bringing five additional award-winning gaming experiences to market worldwide, each with its own unique physical element to complement the digital game.

Great vision made tangible by Stephen Gould’s expertise in design, production and logistics, means that more children all over the world will enjoy and gain the developmental benefits from Osmo’s goal to “play beyond the screen.”

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