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Rosetta Stone

Innovation Beyond the Box

Richmond, Virginia
Rosetta Stone

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a language effectively, you’re familiar with the brand Rosetta Stone. The company was named for the actual stone slab whose inscriptions of second-century BCE languages made it possible to decipher ancient Egyptian. Rosetta Stone is synonymous with a breakthrough to solving a puzzle — and for this iconic language-learning company, engaging Stephen Gould was key to resolving an initial packaging problem and opening new possibilities.

Stephen Gould’s relationship with Rosetta Stone began with a basic challenge: improve the software company’s packaging which had numerous quality and consistency issues. Stepping into the role of managing their package production, Stephen Gould not only improved standards and streamlined their process, but also executed further ways to enhance the box’s overall design and shelf presence.

“At that time, Rosetta Stone was actually the Fairfield Language Company, and their product was called Rosetta Stone,” recalls Michael Falcone, Regional Sales Manager for Stephen Gould. Working with their brand and marketing teams, Stephen Gould helped shift the overarching name to Rosetta Stone in order to convey a more emblematic story to its audiences.

Beyond creating the engaging yellow brand visuals that continue to be recognized today, Stephen Gould devised an elegant magnet closure for the packaging. This type of closure typically requires hours of hand work, but with some ingenuity, the Stephen Gould team was able to automate the process and make it more scalable. “We patented the only machine that can do the job,” Falcone explains, “It’s still running and it works wonderfully.”

These innovative packaging solutions led the way for Rosetta Stone to partner with Stephen Gould to develop, engineer and manufacture their products. Stephen Gould began designing the headsets which are integral to the language-learning experience. “We hired a team of engineers and we developed several different headsets for institutions, consumers, and as value-added merchandise,” recalls Falcone. The work required intensive research, multiple rounds of prototyping, and fine-tuning of the electronics subassembly process. In the end, Stephen Gould’s team identified and addressed the unique need for language learners to clearly hear their pronunciation as they speak into the headset/microphone. With millions of users worldwide, the quality of these products has proven critical to learning languages with confidence.

Founded in 1992, Rosetta Stone pioneered the use of interactive software to accelerate language learning and is widely recognized today as the industry leader. The company now utilizes cloud-based programs for learners on the go and has expanded their expertise toward literacy education, as well as brain training programs. Stephen Gould produces their entire line of products in the United States, much of it from 95% post-consumer waste.

Falcone attributes the success of the partnership with Rosetta Stone to Stephen Gould’s network of resources and its forward-thinking team. Falcone says, “We offered them what we do best — innovative ideas, creativity, and turnkey solutions.” Able to step in where needed, Stephen Gould solved a problem, then innovated solutions beyond the packaging, to engineer and manufacture consistent, high-quality experiences for Rosetta Stone consumers.

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