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In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to find a company that continues to successfully grow at a rapid pace and makes relationship-building its top priority. For over 80 years, we have done just that. A wide spectrum of roles keeps us running at 40 locations across the globe. Your opportunity awaits!

Roles at Stephen Gould

  • Inside sales and customer support
  • Innovative design and quality engineering
  • Project and warehouse management
  • Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Communications, Technology & Legal

Featured Programs

Sales Agent in Training (SIT) Program

Interested in launching a career in sales while growing personally and professionally with the best in the packaging and supply chain solutions space? Our Sales Agent in Training (SIT) Program combines hands-on learning with real-life sales experience to self-motivated, driven individuals looking to becomes future sales leaders. Whether you’re a recent college graduate with sales aspirations, an individual with previous sales experience, or someone with an entrepreneurial passion looking to make a career shift, look no further than Stephen Gould’s SIT program!

SITs join our Stephen Gould community in a full-time, salaried capacity, complete with benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, 401K +.) The program spans across two years, during which SITs are partnered with a mentor from our sales team to shadow and learn all aspects of the sales and production cycle and maintain and build client relationships. The program is designed to help prepare SIT Program graduates for commissioned Sales Agent roles in the company. Employment as a Stephen Gould Sales Agent after program completion is a primary goal but not guaranteed.

The SIT program is the organization's commitment to your success, our willingness to support your dreams, and give you the roadmap to achieve them. The rest is up to you!”
Robert R., Sales, Rockville MD
This program gave me the opportunity to learn from veterans while connecting with peers to support one another in this sometimes challenging and incredibly rewarding path to entrepreneurship.”
Burak D., Sales, Rockville MD
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The support SG provides has inspired me to challenge myself. I’ve always been given the resources and opportunities to excel at SG and for that, I’ll be forever grateful.”
Christina P., Marketing, Madison NJ
Stephen Gould provides entrepreneurship freedom and corporate support. It allows for work ethic and creativity to drive your day-to-day life, while offering the opportunity to provide unique solutions for clients.”
Steve S., Sales, Philadelphia PA
What started as a job to gain experience has evolved into a 12-year career I can be proud of. I’ve been able to forge my own path while enriching my own creative needs.”
Kathleen B., Graphic Design, Pittsburgh PA

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