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Streamlined product development ensures your finished product goes to market with confidence. We oversee custom packaging production for a range of retail and industrial products. From start to finish, our team consults with you on the design, material selection, and manufacturing processes.

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Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience

The unboxing experience is an opportunity to form a deeper connection with your customers and create a distinct identity for your product in the market. Unboxing experiences that stand out use materials, functionality, textures, colors, and branding in unexpected ways. Combining these elements into a successful custom package takes attention to detail and close collaboration between design and manufacturing. Stephen Gould’s vast network of partners and supply chain expertise gives us the ability to design packaging that is not only visually memorable, but is manufacturable and cost-effective.

Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging

Over half of US consumers say they are concerned about the general environmental impact of packaging. Stephen Gould has been at the forefront of developing sustainable packaging solutions. We have deep familiarity with the capabilities of eco-friendly materials like molded pulp, paper, cardboard, hemp, and sugarcane and understand how to leverage these materials to help clients achieve their goals and reduce their environmental impact. Eco-friendly packaging is also about designing smaller and lighter packaging that uses less material and takes up less space during shipping. We can help your business execute a shift to sustainable packaging and build custom supply chains that will streamline your manufacturing and improve your bottom line.

Our Most Popular Sustainable Packaging Materials

Corrugated & paper
Plant-based foam

Keep Your Products Safe

Custom-size packaging is designed to fit like a glove and keep products safe during transit. Our team can create customized corrugated inserts, foams and bubble wraps that absorb shock, prevent impact damage, and insulate products from moisture or temperature changes. Every aspect of our custom-sized packaging is designed down to the millimeter to ensure that every piece locks into place and fits snugly. Sizing to specifications also allows you to save money by reducing excess materials, simplifying assembly, and maximizing shipping container space.

Make Your Packaging Stand Out

Stephen Gould understands how essential packaging is in today’s economy. Whether you need to boost brand awareness or protect your product in transit, we can source the best materials for the job and design packaging that performs at the highest level, both functionally and aesthetically.

Our team has a track record of designing superior solutions with shelf appeal, from intricate, limited edition luxury packaging as well as mass market consumer product packaging manufactured at scale. With multiple Design Centers around the United States, we’re able to offer the full range of structural and creative design services, from concepting, to engineering, to prototyping, to graphics and photography.


Trust Our Packaging Design Services

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Questions? Let’s talk. Our team can help you find what you're looking for.

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