Color Club is an innovative pioneer in the nail industry. A company founded in 1979 and owned and operated by women, Color Club mixes their own nail polish shades and formulas in their New York headquarters. We partnered with Color Club to streamline their supply chain and successfully roll out their products at Walmart, the world’s largest retailer. The team led by PJ Cise at the Cherry Hill, New Jersey branch manages the entire supply chain for Color Club’s products and displays, providing custom engineered and manufactured designs and turnkey operations.

The Challenge

Color Club first came to us several years ago struggling with a hodgepodge of suppliers and processes. In addition to an unwieldy number of packaging sources to manage, Color Club had inconsistent branding practices and poorly designed product displays that were falling apart. Managing all the operations and deadlines was getting inefficient and impossible.

The Solution

Stephen Gould seized the opportunity to save Color Club time and resources by becoming a one-stop shop and partner. The team at Cherry Hill took on producing and assembling entire product kits. Stephen Gould engineers expertly provided custom molding and took on the task of producing Color Club glass bottles, caps, and brushes for nail polish.

With a wide array of expert capabilities, the team stepped up to manage Color Club’s entire supply chain. In addition to the production of the core packaging for nail lacquers, the team then added custom jars and lids for nail powder dips, complete with screen printed labels. From there, Stephen Gould took on thermoform trays for product kits, making and sourcing nail care tools such as custom branded buffers, nail clippers, cuticle cutters, and more. We essentially took on producing the entire product, except for the actual polish formula.

We also took on the design and production of cards, custom trays, boxes, even in-store displays, and packing them up. Going beyond product production and packaging, we worked to ensure that the products are showcased in the best way possible. The team provided helpful style guidelines to Color Club for brand consistency and correct placement.

Innovation and thought partnership also played a role: Stephen Gould helped to source one-of-a-kind iridescent nail tools, adding a unique and eye-catching element to the kits. Ultimately the Stephen Gould team stepped up to solve the client’s challenges through full service support, freeing up Color Club to focus their expertise on color development and formulation, while everything else gets taken care of turnkey.

Our team took on this initial project for Color Club’s rollout at Walmart, and products hit the shelves at 3,500 stores across the United States. The entire process of product and display redesign, production, project management, kitting, and delivery was completed seamlessly.

The Result

Stephen Gould became Color Club’s all-in-one supply chain partner, enabling Color Club to focus on what they do best. The team also went above and beyond to showcase Color Club’s superior products, providing custom packaging that reflects the quality of what’s inside. With Stephen Gould’s help, the product rollout at Walmart was a huge success, and the future looks bright for Color Club.

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