The desire to provide an eco-friendly, bamboo-based toilet paper roll necessitated a ground-up design of Fox Fold’s product and dispensing mechanism. In need of an innovative solution, the company turned to Stephen Gould.

Bob Challinor swiftly established a product development partnership with Fox Fold, assuming full project management responsibilities for the product. This involved coordinating quality and sustainability assurance with overseas manufacturing partners, managing logistics, and ensuring that all components were delivered on time and to specification.

In addition, we actively participated in the dispenser’s design execution, working closely with Box Clever and BoxGarden Ventures to develop a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing system that also reduced waste. This collaboration led to the creation of a cartridge system for easy refills and customizable panels that can be updated for different decor styles.

The seamless integration of design and functionality in Fox Fold’s new system showcases Stephen Gould’s dedication to enhancing operational efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability for our client’s needs. Our hands-on approach during the design phase was pivotal in transforming Fox Fold’s vision into a practical, market-ready product.

You can watch the fully story of Fox Fold on YouTube.


We had an idea and vetted it with hotels. We thought it had some legs, but we knew very little from a manufacturing perspective. We reached out on Linkedin and it was one of the greatest cold calls of my life!

Greg Haggard. Co-founder + COO, FOX FOLD


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