We produced an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective packaging solution for Intuit’s Quickbooks Card Reader.

The Challenge

The Quickbooks Card Reader, by Intuit, makes it easy for merchants to accept contactless payments. The small circular device accepts insert, tap, or digital wallet payments and offers the added bonus of lower processing fees than smartphone or tablet-based point-of-sale systems.

Our Fremont team worked closely with San Francisco industrial design firm Box Clever to create an environmentally-friendly packaging system. Our primary challenge was to provide Intuit with a cost-effective solution that reduces the amount of materials used while providing a high level of protection to ensure the device arrives in perfect condition. It was also crucial that the unboxing experience be sleek and simple in a way that is consistent with the Quickbooks brand.

The Solution

We landed on a design that involved three pieces: a small box for the Reader, a pulp tray supporting the device, and a sturdy sleeve that bundled everything together.

The pulp tray with a circular cut that fits the device sits inside a rigid turned-edge box that opens clamshell-style. A charging cable is housed under the tray, along with user instructions and other printed materials. A sleeve the exact width of the box slides right over the top, keeping the package clean and contained. The result is a compact package with no unnecessary materials that ensures the product remains secure during transit.

Intuit also offers a bundle option that packages the Card Reader with a Power Stand. The Power Stand box is taller and houses a heavier product. The Reader and Power Stand boxes have the exact same outer diameter, allowing them to be easily bundled together in an outer box with the lid resting perfectly flat on top. This scalable system not only makes for a smooth customer experience, but also makes assembling the bundles simple.

The Fremont team partnered closely with our office in Shenzhen to handle production with a trusted facility in China that could meet the standard for quality. The pulp tray design is fairly intricate, but our facility partner had the ability to produce it at a competitive price. Once again, our offices in China and the long-term partnerships we developed in that region gave us a huge advantage.

The Result

Unboxing the Quickbooks Card Reader is a simple yet satisfying process. The production process ensures that when customers open the box for the first time, they’ll find the device facing front. A welcome message on the inside of the lid greets customers and the pulp tray pulls out easily while retaining its shape. The entire experience is accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

One of the main challenges in consumer electronics packaging these days is designing for sustainability by minimizing materials wherever possible without subtracting so much that it jeopardizes product safety. With this solution, our Fremont and Shenzhen teams found the perfect balance between sustainability and security.


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