Stephen Gould is proud to be a long-time packout and packaging supplier for GoPro. Since the start of our partnership over a decade ago, we’ve played a key role in GoPro’s rise from start-up to globally-recognized brand.

GoPro was founded by Nick Woodman in 2002 with the goal of creating an affordable, high-quality camera for photo and video enthusiasts to film themselves in action while surfing, cycling, and more. Since debuting their flagship HERO camera system, GoPro has grown into a relentlessly innovative company that produces some of the most versatile and forward-thinking digital cameras and gear on the market.

Our relationship with GoPro began with a redesign of their camera packaging. We significantly improved the experience of opening the jewel case package and produced a better organization system for securing the camera and accessories.

Our team now produces the entirety of their accessory packaging and a significant portion of their camera packaging. Each package is designed based on the size requirements for GoPro’s in-store displays. Once the design concept is approved, we perform a series of ISTA 2A tests to confirm that the package will pass drop testing. Over the years, we’ve also gradually transitioned GoPro’s entire packaging line to 100% sustainable materials, creating greater efficiencies and savings.

By leveraging our global network of supply chain partners, we’ve been able to provide GoPro with a comprehensive packout solution. We streamlined their accessories packout process by bringing it under the roof of our partner facility in China. We purchase their accessories from their supplier and produce the packaging based on a forecast. Our packout facility in China has since been replicated in Mexico and Thailand, building in crucial supply chain redundancies and expanding production capacity to facilitate continued growth. We now oversee the packout for millions of cameras and accessories every month.

It’s been a privilege to assist GoPro in becoming one of the world’s premier consumer electronics brands and we look forward to continuing the journey with them as an all-purpose solutions provider.

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