Custom Plastic Box Packaging For Every Need

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by Stephen Gould
January 13, 2022

Not all plastics are created equal. Stephen Gould produces everything from high-end beauty and cosmetic packaging, to poly bags, to injection molded product components. Our team can help you identify the right plastic materials for your products.

Plastic is a practical and aesthetically-pleasing packaging solution for many retail and industrial applications. Clear plastic box packaging is a great way to ensure your product is visible as well as securely packed.

Our team of experts have extensive experience in designing and manufacturing clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic and other packaging materials. The versatility of plastic makes it possible to create a wide range of packaging solutions that can be customized to meet product specifications.

Stephen Gould’s structural packaging designers guide clients through every step of the design process, from prototyping, to testing, to manufacturing. We can work with you to create plastic box packaging that is cost effective, manufacturable, and differentiated from the competition.

The Versatility of Plastic

Clear plastic packaging can be molded into virtually any shape, size, and thickness. Common plastic packaging forms include:

  • Square and rectangular boxes

  • Containers and lids

  • Cylinders and tubes

  • Bottles

  • Clamshells

  • Spheres

  • Sleeves

  • Inserts

Plastic packaging can also be custom-molded to seal your product tightly or create a frame that maximizes product visibility. They can also be specially treated for food contact and holding foods at high and low temperatures. Depending on the product specifications, plastic packaging can also be designed with attached lids and handles.

Designing Custom Plastic Packaging

Stephen Gould is proud to be one of the nation’s premier custom packaging solutions providers. We offer a complete range of packaging design services and solutions. Our design and manufacturing experts will work with you to set up a packaging manufacturing program that runs smoothly and ensures quality. Trust our team to bring your ideas to life.

Our clients range from established multinational enterprises to small businesses. Whether you need packaging for ecommerce, traditional retail, bulk products, or something else entirely, Stephen Gould will help you create custom plastic packaging that meets your specifications.

Contact us today to learn more about plastic box packaging for your business.