Packaging Takes on a New Light for Prismatic Plants

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Prismatic Plants is a female-founded company with a mission to modernize plant-based medicine and truly help people heal. Crafted with the expertise of Master Herbalists and PhD Chemists specializing in Biomedical Technology, their products use the yin/yang philosophy of enhancing vitality and energy during the day then calming and restoring at night. What began as a partnership with Prismatic Plants to help revolutionize their packaging turned into a major collaboration that helped the company realize its vision.

The Challenge

When Sarah Polansky, the visionary behind Prismatic Plants, sought to revolutionize the packaging of the company’s CBD tinctures, she faced a creative challenge. Her goal was to create packaging that not only protected the product, but also showcased the essence of what Prismatic Plants offered. This endeavor demanded more than just imagination; it required collaboration, expertise, and innovation. Sarah recognized that she couldn’t achieve her vision on her own.

The Solution

The project began with a concept and culminated with our team of visionaries led by Troy Whalen who turned Sarah’s ideas into reality. Our expert structural design team crafted a unique carton complete with custom inserts to safeguard the product and highlight its distinctive attributes. After this design phase, we engaged our in-house graphics team to ensure that the graphic design perfectly matched Sarah’s vision. The collaboration resulted in a stunning family of products and packaging.

The Result

The successful creation of an innovative and eye-catching packaging solution underscores the importance of teamwork and creative expertise in the world of product presentation. Prismatic Plants’ new packaging has been met with excitement, setting the stage for the company’s continued growth and success.

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