Burt’s Bees is known for their plant-based, natural beauty and skincare products, and we redesigned their packaging with their sustainable ethos in mind.

The Challenge

For a brand whose mission is to remain “True to Nature,” Burt’s Bees looked to Stephen Gould to reimagine their product packaging to become more environmentally-friendly. Our team has been on the forefront of learning about and implementing sustainable packaging materials, so we were ready to tackle this project head-on. Additionally, Burt’s Bees had been expanding their product line, moving beyond skincare and into the realm of beauty, which required many more specific packaging solutions.

The Solution

In order to meet the sustainability standard, we introduced a new material, a type of paper foam, that is not only recyclable, but is compostable and even edible as it is made from potato starch. We never want to compromise on quality when exploring new materials, but this paper foam was a seamless fit for Burt’s Bees. Its smooth texture makes printing specific brand colors feasible, allowing the packaging to remain unique to them. Even the specialty items we created for influencer mailings, ecommerce gifts, and seasonal campaigns incorporated all recycled materials, or post-consumer materials.

The Result

We always seek to understand every angle and avenue from the start of the project–understanding the footprint, the usage, the context, the constraints. Everything is important, from material costs to timeline to assembly process. Our partnership with Burt’s Bees underscores the immense value that Stephen Gould can provide for any client, big or small—we produce creative results that fit the unique needs of any business.

By putting our customers first, we are always able to figure out the key opportunities in taking the project to the next level. For example, all products are hand-packed at Burt’s Bees. We took that into consideration when designing the packaging so that it would be accessible to workers while still ensuring quick turnaround times. Finding sustainable solutions is always top-of-mind for Stephen Gould, and we are proud to work with Burt’s Bees to bring its earth-first ethos to life.

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